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Ocean Force

Protect your Ship. Hits of enemy missiles damages the ship by destroying its ...

(Played: 697) Scores


Your mission is to track down Secret agent Blair. He is staying at the Sunris...

(Played: 751) Scores

Silent Sanatorium

Silent Sanatorium is an adventure style escape game created by Melting-Mindz....

(Played: 3,920) Scores

SW: Mary Reed Chronicles

A fun point-and-click adventure game set in the StormWinds universe!

(Played: 428)

Major Slant

tilt the board and guide your ball to the exit point

(Played: 393)

Breaking Point

Your main objective is to defense against the mutant zombies.

(Played: 338)


Skate to the finishing point without making too many mistake

(Played: 287)

The Indian Shikar

Just point and shoot the tiger.

(Played: 234)


Score as manay point as possible before the time is out

(Played: 373)


You will want to be as accurate as possible in this game. Each miss will give...

(Played: 298)

Check Point Delta

The Military is at your disposal to find the bomb, you will be receiving furt...

(Played: 300)


Link the starting point and ending point with road build by you

(Played: 284)

Net Blazer

3-Point basketball practise

(Played: 267)

Lightful Drawing Room Escape

This is room escape game,you're trapped in locked room,you must find some hid...

(Played: 578) Scores

Medieval Escape 3

You are trapped in a Medieval Castle and you need to find objects and clues i...

(Played: 371)

Dungeon Mysteries

Amazing and fun point and click adventure, find all the secret behind the mys...

(Played: 399)

Numbscape: Gems Room Escape 5

Explore another part of Numbscape collect all door lock pass numbers and esca...

(Played: 327)

Mystery Stone Room Escape

This game is a mystery stone room escape game by're trapped in...

(Played: 478) Scores

Simple Escape

Escape Game. Find items and solve puzzles to escape the room.

(Played: 372)

Farm Barn Escape

You are locked you up in the farm barn, try to figure out how to escape by us...

(Played: 439)

Combat in Clouds

Go through the 6 levels, destroy enemy ships and get points, avoid their shot...

(Played: 350) Scores


Escape Game. Solve puzzles and collect items to escape the room.

(Played: 281)

Hidden Summer Cats

Solve all puzzles and find 30 hidden cats as fast as you can in order to rece...

(Played: 426) Scores

Circus Escape

You are locked you up in the circus, try to figure out how to escape by using...

(Played: 346)

Ragdoll Truck

Your mission is to drive a few rookies to the camp. It's ok to throw and smas...

(Played: 285)

Sherlock Holmes: A Home of Memories

Find the hidden objects of Sherlock Holmes childhood.

(Played: 246)

Night Car Ride

Drive your car on top of mountain high, Collect all point and Do not fast the...

(Played: 285)

Floors Escape

Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles!

(Played: 327)

Floors Escape 2

Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items ...

(Played: 276)

Bracelet Collection

Bracelet Collection is another point and click hidden objects game from games...

(Played: 245)